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Using a lawyer to draft your IT contracts can be time consuming and expensive. It can take weeks or months to get from Square One (the time when you realise that you need an IT contract) to get to the Finish Line (the point where you receive an IT contract form your lawyer that you are happy to work with). The process typically goes like this: First, a client will typically carry out research into the lawyer they think they wish to engage. This research might be conducted via search engines or databases, or a lawyer may be found through a recommendation. This process alone can take a significant amount of time. Once a lawyer or perhaps a group of lawyers is identified, a client will then spend time speaking to one or more lawyers about their legal issues, spend time finding out about the lawyers' experience, charge out rates and availability and will then engage a lawyer after considering all of that information. Once a lawyer is identified, a client will then brief the lawyer, usually by a combination of sending written instructions, meeting with the lawyer (subject to his or her availability and other commitments) - and some time later the lawyer will provide the client with a first draft. This first draft might need revisions, further instructions, explanation, advice and consideration.

Our IT contracts are competitively priced and our cutting edge document generation technology takes the time out of getting IT contracts drafted. Simply fill out our user-friendly questionnaire on our website, and our system will generate an IT contract based on the responses you provided to our questionnaire. Download your IT contract immediately. It's as simple as that. And if you have any questions, our IT contracts come with a limited amount of free legal advice.

While our IT contracts do not come fully customised, they cover many issues that IT organisations like to address in their IT contracts.

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