Frequently Asked Questions

What services does DocuStream provide?

On this website, we aim to provide generic, short-form legal contract templates at a cost-effective price. 

Who runs this site?

This site is operated by Arnotts Technology Lawyers ABN 95392650727. We are an Australian law firm with offices in Sydney. We specialise in technology and telecommunications law.

How do I know if the contracts on your site are right for me?

We strive to make our contracts as straighforward as possible. They are designed on the back of years of experience we have acquired dealing with many of the important legal issues that face technology and telecommunications organisations. However, our agreements are not tailored to all of your requirements. Please contact us if you require a fully tailored commercial agreement.

Do your contracts come with any legal advice?

YES! Each time you purchase a contract from us through this website, Arnotts Technology Lawyers will give you a limited amount of free telephone legal advice. Please contact Arnotts Technology Lawyers to arrange a suitable time for this telephone advice. In the time allocated, Arnotts will advise you on the contract which you have purchased, to the extent possible. To book in your free legal advice, click here.

Can I edit your contract templates?

YES! When you purchase a contract from us through this website, you will be provided with a Microsoft Word version (.doc or .docx file) of the contract for you to download to your computer, or save to your Google Drive or Dropbox. You are free to modify the contract as you wish, however, we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice before carrying out any modifications.

Can I use your templates overseas?

Our documents have been designed for use under the laws of Australian only. However, this does not mean that you cannot use our contracts when dealing with overseas entities. Many of our clients use our contracts to enter into transactions with foreign parties. However, it should be noted that it can be difficult, impractical (or impossible) in certain circumstances to enforce Austalian law contracts on foreign entities.

What are the legal services provided by Arnotts Technology Lawyers?

Arnotts Technology Lawyers provides a range of legal services, including drafting and negotiation of deal-specific technology and telecommunications agreements, advising on privacy, spam and other regulatory requirements, advising and representing clients in disputes and litigation, as well as a range of other corporate and commercial legal services. For more information about how Arnotts can assist you, please contact us.