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Cloud and Web Contracts Updated 16 November 2015

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This Website Terms of Use template  can be used on websites that are brochure style websites (that advertise  an organisation's business). It is not appropriate for an e-commerce style website.

How this document can help you

Our Website Terms of Use template sets out the terms and conditions upon which you advertise your business through your website. This Website Terms of Use does not include provisions suitable for e-commece style websites. If you are selling goods or services through your website, consider using our E-commerce Website Terms of Use template or our SAAS Platform Terms of Use template.

What it includes

  • Clauses confirming that the website may be unavailable from time to time.
  • Clauses addressing intellectual property ownership of the website.
  • Provisions dealing with hyperlinking on the website.
  • Liability, termination, notice and general clauses.

How much free legal advice does this template come with?

This template comes with 15 minutes of free telephone legal advice from a lawyer. During this time, a lawyer will answer any questions they can about the template, to the extent possible within the 15 minutes allocated.

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