Subcontractor Agreement

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Our contractor agreement can be used by a company who is engaging a company (or an individual) on a contractor basis to perform services for the Company over a specific period of time.

How this document can help you

When engaging a contractor to provide services, it can greatly assist by having the terms and conditions of the engagement set out in writing. Our Contractor Agreement template can help clarify that the contractor is engaged as an independent contractor (and not an employee), the fees and payment terms that will govern fee payments to the Contractor, the Services that are to be performed, ownership of IP, termination rights and other important provisions.

What it includes

Once purchased, our template comes with access to our online questionnaire. The template will then be customised automatically by DocuStream using the responses that you provide to the questionnaire and then made available for your immediate download in Microsoft Word format.

Among others, our template includes provisions relating to:

  • Key personnel
  • Liability
  • IP indemnification
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Term and Termination

How much free legal advice does this template come with?

This template comes with 15 minutes of free telephone legal advice from Arnotts Technology Lawyers. During this time, Arnotts will answer any questions they can about the template, to the extent possible within the 15 minutes allocated.

Common questions

Can I engage an employee as a contractor?

Some organisations think that they can engage employees as contractors to escape the obligtion to pay employees their employment benefits, and for other related reasons. However, if an employee is engaged as a contractor under a written contractor agreement while the relationship continues as one which has the characteristics of the employer/employee relationship, the employer will generally not be able to escape the obligations to provide employee benefits to the contractor (employee) or its other obligations that it owes in favour of employees.

Can this template be used to passobligations under a head contract onto a contractor on a back-to-back basis?

No, but check out our B2B Subcontractor Agreement template.

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