Low Impact Facility Notice

Telco and ISP Contracts Updated 11 July 2018

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This low impact facility notice is designed for a telecommunications carrier who wishes to deploy low impact facilities pursuant to the Carrier's rights provided by Schedule 3 to the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth).

How this document can help you

The Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth) (the Act) provides telecommunications carriers with powers to access land in connection with the inspection, installation and maintenance of telecommunications facilities, including low impact facilities, without seeking local, state or territory planning approval.

What it includes

Before land can be accessed in connection with the inspection, installation or maintenance of telecommunications facilities pursuant to a telco carrier's rights under Schedule 3 of the Act, a carrier is required to serve written notice on the owner of the land, and if the land is occupied by someone other than the land owner, by the occupier.  The Act requires certain information to be included in the notice. Our template can be used in relation to the installation of telecommunication facilities under Schedule 3 of the Act. 

This template, like all of the templates available on DocuStream®, includes an online questionnaire with hints and tips that makes it simple and easy for you to answer the questions in our questionnaire. Using our advanced document generation service, DocuStream® will automatically populate and modify our Low Impact Facility Notice template using the responses that you provided to the questionnaire. 

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This template comes with 1 hour of free telephone legal advice from Arnotts Technology Lawyers. During this time, Arnotts will answer any questions they can about the template, to the extent possible within the 1 hour allocated.

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