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Our employment agreement template is a standard employment contract that can be used by an employer who wishes to employ someone on either a full time or part time basis.

It also comes with a free 4-page Corporate IT Systems and Social Media Policy.

How our template can help you

Having a written employment contract assists by clarifying the remuneration that the employer agrees to pay the employee, the length of any probation period, the duties of the employee, the position of the employee, who the employee is to report to, the length of any restraint period, the amount of any bonus payable and other important provisions governing the employer/employee relationship.

Like all of our templates, once you purchase the template you will have the option of customising the template using our short online questionnaire. DocuStream will then automatically and immediately tailor the template using the responses you provide to the questionnaire. You can then download the tailored template in Microsoft Word format and edit it further if required.

What it includes

Among other clauses, this template includes the following:
  • A free 5 page Corporate IT Systems and Social Media Policy.
  • Provisions confirming whether the employment is full time or part time, and clauses providing for a probation period (if any).
  • Clauses dealing with the payment of remuneration, including when paid, whether the salary includes or excludes superannuation and whether any bonus is payable (and if the bonus is discretionary or paid when the employee meets certain bonus criteria).
  • Provisions addressing the ownership of computers, smartphones and e-mail addresses allocated to the employee by the Company and clauses dealing with ownership of IP developed by the employee and confidential information.
  • Clauses confirming that the employer may conduct IT surveillance in relation to internet usage carried out by the employee.
  • Clauses addressing leave entitlements and dispute resolution.
  • Provisions restraining the employee from soliciting customers of the employer away from the employer during the restraint period.

Common questions

Can this template be used for full time or part time employees?

The template can be used for either full time or part time employees. The questionnaire will ask you if you want to use the template for a full time or part time employee and will then tailor the template automatically depending on your response.

Can this template be used to employ CEOs, Managing Directors and other senior staff?

No, it is not designed for those purposes.

Where can I get a Fair Work Information Statement?

Employers need to give their employees a Fair Work Information Statement before or as soon as possible after they commence employment. We have annexed a Fair Work Information Statement to the template (Annexure B) to help you ensure that you don't forget to give it to your employee. You can also download a Fair Work Information Statement from the Fair Work Ombudsman's website.

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