Computer Programmer Agreement

Software Agreements Updated 10 August 2015

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Our Computer Programmer Agreement template can be used by a company who wishes to engage an independent contractor computer programmer to provide ad hoc software development services.

How this document can help you

Many people engage software developers (including developers located in other countries) to develop smartphone apps, websites and other software products. This template is suitable for a company who wishes to engage an individual on an ad hoc basis to provide software development services. 

What it includes

Our template is a simple 8-page agreement which requires the Computer Programmer to carry out software development services on either a fixed price or time and materials basis under the agreement. The agreement also requires the computer programmer to provide technical support for the software. The programmer must deliver source code documented so that the Company can maintain and operate the software. This agreement is not for the exclusive engagement of the programmer - the programmer can still perform services for others as long as the performance of those services does not interfere with the programmer's performance of his or her obligations to the company under this agreement.

Drafted in favour of the Company, the agreement makes it clear that the Company owns the intellectual property rights in the software developed by the Computer Programmer under the agreement and includes confidentiality, liability, dispute resolution and other provisions that a company engaging a software developer would typically expect to find included in such an agreement. 

How much free legal advice does this come with?

This template comes with 15 minutes of free telephone legal advice from a lawyer. During this time, a lawyer will answer any questions they can about the template, to the extent possible within the 15 minutes allocated.

I am a Computer Programmer. Should I use this template?

No, this template is drafted in favour of the Company (client) and not in favour of the Computer Programmer.

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