Cloud Platform Acceptable Use Policy

Privacy Compliance Updated 23 May 2018

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An acceptable use policy for a cloud platform

How this document can help you

Our Acceptable Use Policy template can be used by a cloud platform provider who wishes to set out its policy on acceptable usage by users of the cloud services provided by the platform.

What it includes

A bullet point list of some key points that cloud operators can include in their acceptable use policies, including a prohibition on the users using the platform in breach of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the EU General Data Protection Law (GDPR) or any other applicable data protection laws.

Common questions

When does the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme come into effect?

It already has. It came into effect on 22 February 2018.

Does the GDPR apply to Australian cloud providers?

Article 3 of the GDPR makes it clear that the GDPR applies to organisations that provide goods or services not only to European Union (EU) citizens – but to any persons while they are in the European Union. It also applies to the monitoring of the behaviour of any persons in the EU. This includes many Australian cloud service providers, including data hosting providers, software-as-a-service (SAAS) and other online platform operators who typically permit access to their cloud services by persons from anywhere in the World with an internet connection, including from Europe.

When does the GDPR come into effect?

25 May 2018.

Does the GDPR really prevent cloud providers from engaging upstream hosting providers? 

Yes, unless the GDPR is complied with when engaging them.

How much free legal advice does this template come with?

This template comes with 15 minutes of free telephone legal advice from Arnotts Technology Lawyers. During this time, Arnotts will answer any questions they can about the template, to the extent possible within the 15 minutes allocated.

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