Channel Partner Agreement

Software Agreements Updated 10 May 2016

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An agreement that a Software Vendor can use to appoint a Channel Partner to market and promote the Vendor's Software in a specific geographic territory

How this document can help you

Our Channel Partner Agreement template can be used by Software Vendors who wish to appoint resellers (aka Channel Partners) to market and promote the Vendor's software throughout a specific territory, on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis for a specific period of time.

What it includes

Once purchased, our template comes with access to our online questionnaire. The template will then be customised automatically by DocuStream using the responses that you provide to the questionnaire and then made available for your immediate download in Microsoft Word format.

Among others, our template includes provisions relating to:

  • The appointment of the Channel Partner on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis
  • Sales Targets - including whether Commission is payable if the Sales Targets are not met, and - where the Channel Partner is given exclusivity over a particular Territory - whether the Channel Partner's exclusivitiy in the Channel Partner's allocated territory becomes non-exclusive if the Sales Targets are not met
  • Whether the Channel Partner is given a demo (restricted version) of the Software or a full copy which it can use to demonstrate the Software to potential End Users
  • Who will pay the Software Licence Fees - the Channel Partner or the End User
  • Prohibitions against the Channel Partner making representations about the Software that are inconsistent with the marketing materials provided to the Channel Partner by the Vendor
  • Confidentiality 
  • Insurance requirements of the Channel Partner
  • ​Subcontracting by the Channel Partner
  • Dispute Resolution
  • ​Term and Termination​

How much free legal advice does this come with?

This template comes with 30 minutes of free telephone legal advice from Arnotts Technology Lawyers. During this time, Arnotts will answer any questions they can about the template, to the extent possible within the 30 minutes allocated.

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